Wednesday, October 3, 2007

With out much explanation or details the following pictures will suffice.

The magic behind the planters is that the stone will hold a surprising amount of water. An in a
relative short period of time, moss will grow on the out side of the stone adding to the beauty of the stone planter

I will add more text and pictures over the next few days Since no Living stone planter is the same, there is no set price, with that said. . .

Prices range from $35 ~ $ 175.

t of planters are from about 20 lbs to 120 lbs. Most of the planters you see are "carry-able", meaning that they are the size and weight to be able to be transported in a car or pick - up
We have created stone planters as big as approximately 12' feet in height and weighing 6000 lbs plus

View additional planter pictures, you will see some of the same pictures , however many others as well.

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Below - Stone planter with some "growth time" Note how plants cascade down the face of the stone. This is where the beauty really starts to show.

Some planters will have images carved into the stone and inlayed with iron oxide, giving the image a very aged and very natural look.

Some stone planters are wrapped in iron wire.

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